Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tragic Right Update

1. There is a lot of snow outside.

2. This is not good for a girl with a tragic hip.

3. This is especially not good for a girl with a tragic hip who didn't listen to the weather reports this morning and wore her Frye boots to work.

4. This meant the girl slipped all the way home from the subway and almost killed herself approximately 67 times.

5. But it sure shows the power of weather-appropriate footwear.

(PS - The first week of my new job has been awesome but busy).


Beth said...

At least you wore boots - my husband left this morning without wearing any (knowing the forecast).
If you head out tomorrow, wear the most appropriate boots you own! Even if they're as ugly as sin.

Glad to hear the new job is "awesome."

Anonymous said...

That totally made me laugh out loud.


Beaches said...

I think I can beat it... for the first time in WEEKS I decided to wear my high-heeled Mary Jane's to work instead of my stupid ugly, but warm and practical, Sorels.

The result? I literally walked home from the bus stop in knee high snow wearing practically OPEN high-heeled shoes. I even had to cross the tracks.

I swear to you I nearly had to amputate my toes by the time I made it home. They are still a little blue. And the shoes are totally ruined. Winter is poo.