Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blue Skies And Sweatshirts

The rain continued all day yesterday. But that didn't stop us from exploring the city in depth. We took the Metro to the Arc du Triomphe, wandered up and down the Champs Elysse, stepped off the beaten path for pastries, had some fab fruit salad, and then wandered back up. We were wet and tired but there's not much you can do about it and we had umbrellas, so... The area around Av Victor Hugo was quite amazing (we were walking toward the stores where they sell all the designer goods second hand; still, a purse cost 440 euros) and we had lunch: white asperagus; salad with goat cheese and bread. I did almost buy a Prada skirt but alas it was not the right size. Damn you Italian sizes. Plus, we really needed Scarbie to tell us what to buy. We didn't have the patience necessarily to crawl through all of the racks. Although, the fashionistas around were quite spectacular.

Then we took the Metro to the old Opera house, discovered Gallerie Lafayette, did some shopping and then raced down to take a boat cruise on the Siene. I must admit, I was skeptical. Too touristy, too cheesy, too much rain, but we sat down on wet chairs outside and were awed by the views of Notre Damn, Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the place where Marie Antoinette was beheaded, and the Musee D'Orsay and its magnificient clocks, and by then I thought my feet my fall off. But after the rest of the rocking boat, we were ready to find some dinner (it was 10 PM by this point).

Today it's Monmartre, shopping, yarn stores, Cafe Flore, the oldest church in Paris, and the rest of the writers walking tour. And whatever else we can squeeze into the next twelve hours.


Zesty said...

Yarn stores in Paris. OMG I'm DYING.

metro mama said...

If there is a boat cruise in a city, I always do it. And I always love it.

Love the trip blogging!

scarbie doll said...

As a small child sitting right in front of me on the Bateaux Mouche kept repeating in her Franglais, "Eet eez de bowt of de paradise." It's totally cheesy, but in the land of cheese there's really no such thing. Plus being on the boat when the Eiffel sparkles... *sigh*

You guys did fine without me if you found GL. That place is so awesome. When I was there they actually had a gallery display of all Audrey Hepburn's dresses -- in GL! Next time: Bon Marche and Colette pour vous!

I stole a small milk pitcher from Cafe de Flore. I'll offer you milk for your tea in it next time you and Sam come over!