Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Moment When You Have Too Much Technology

Packing up my bag moments before Zesty picked me up for a trip to Costco (the first time I've been in many, many years), I through an electrical gadget in there beside my wallet thinking it was my blackberry. Indeed, it was my Sony Reader. Very helpful for lineups, not so great for phone calls. Very indicative of the fact that I have too much technology in my life. Isn't that grand?


b*babbler said...

Yeah - but dude, you have a SONY READER?

May I ask your assessment? I got to get all touchy-feeley a friend's for a couple of hours, and I think I'm in love, but would love a book-lovers opinion.

Deanna McFadden said...

Honestly? It's amazing. It means I don't have to print out piles of paper to read manuscripts, can load up on books for travelling, and it's a great conversation-starter.

It'll never replace a book, but it certainly is easy to use.

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