Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TRH Movie - 17 Again

(Please forgive me. I am typing on my BB because our computer is down. I'll fix spelling and grammar tomorrow!)

Yes, it's formulaic. Yes, I am about 15 (okay, maybe 20) years older than the target demograpic. Yes, it stars Zac Efron. But I was totally charmed by 17 Again.

The film, which sends Mike O'Donnell back to high school after he finds himself alienated by his kids and on the verge of divorce, had me laughing out loud more than I care to admit. The story -- a little bit Back to the Future crossed with a little bit of 13 Going on 30 -- is about redemption and second chances. It's heartwarming and kind, and simple. These days I seem to crave simple, innocent stories, maybe because they're so refeshingly honest and unpretentious. Who knows.

Matthew Perry (whose hair, so like Jason Priestly's (sp), has remained unchanged since I was in high school) plays Mike the Elder; Zac Efron plays Mike aka Mark before and after the school custodian casts the magic spell that sends him back. The usual teenage problems plague Mark, which, of course, lends itself to the comedy. The sweet centre of the story remains how Mike/Mark changes to save the life that he was almost about to lose.

Zac Efron surprised me. And I'll watch Matthew Perry in everything. Leslie Mann was great as Scarlet, Mike's high school sweetheart and almost ex-wife. Annnywaay, it's been ages since I'd been to the movies to see something fun and frivolous, and I'll take the teasing for seeing 17 Again. I'm a big girl.

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