Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday That Feels Like Monday

When the day starts off out of the ordinary, like when your RRHB breaks his car key and you need to take a cab to find him only to discover you've left your phone at home and have no idea where he's parked, you're already tired even before you begin. Then you have to run for the streetcar, which you hate taking because you can't read (it makes you car sick), but decide to take the long way round on the subway even if it'll make you late just so you can squeeze in 10 minutes of Captain Corelli's Mandolin because it's a really good book that you should have read more of yesteday instead of watching every episode of 'Til Debt Do Us Part. So now you're overtired and overstimulated because the MANY hours of TV yesterday afternoon kept you up all night and you haven't been able to do yoga since the whole appendix nightmare, which means that you're behind in just about every aspect of your life because you lost a whole month to the sickness and when you're this out of sorts where do you even start in terms of trying to get caught up?

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Zesty said...

Don't catch up. Just hit the road running.