Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick Day #254836874

Life seems to be about the push/pull for me. I'm doing well with the disease -- I get struck down by appendicitis. I find a job with people I adore; I get restructured right back out on the street. For every yin, there's a yang. I'm imagining that's the way it is with many people in the world. You take your good with your bad and you get on with it. Both my RRHB and I have been felled like a mighty tree by a nasty virus. That's the yin. I'm still waiting for the yang this week.

As of yesterday, I couldn't even stand up for longer than a minute or two without feeling weak, nauseous and dribbling snot everywhere. It's not pretty. Not even a shower could sting the stench of sickness off of either of us. And it's that tired-achy kind of sickness where your eyes hurt and even reading takes too much energy. Hence, bucketfuls of television and movies have been watched. So, I'm bored, as you can probably tell. Here's another top 10 list:

1. We sent our money to the Red Cross for Haiti relief. The small amount we gave doesn't feel like nearly enough but it's something.

2. Even though our spreadsheet doesn't necessarily show it, we're clearly winning in our battle against our budget. Thank you Gail Vaz-Oxlade. There's no way we can be debt-free in three years (massive renovations = massive debt) but we can try. She's so right about debt fatigue. I also wish my quiet OCD-like tendencies would stop me obsessing over pennies but at least it's no longer keeping me up at night now that I've created the Best Spread Sheet Ever (based a bit on Gail's and then some lovely accounting of my own).

3. Ever since I watched this video, I've been dying to read Tracy Chevalier's latest novel. Of course, when I checked my shelves, I discovered I had her previous novel, Burning Bright, (in hardcover no less) already so I started that yesterday evening.

4. I've watched a pile of movies over the last few days. Mainly because neither of us can move from the couches to do, well, anything: Hunger (excellent; disturbing; heart wrenching; shot exceptionally well), Personal Effects (questioning why I will watch Michelle P. in just about anything; love that it's shot in Vancouver and I recognized so many of the locations that it totally ruined the 'suspension of disbelief'), The Invention of Lying (super cute and totally underrated as many films Gervais seems to do end up; it's completely cougarish of me, but I lurv Jonah Hill); and a few more that I'm even forgetting because my brain is mush. After four days of a terrible cold, I'm thinking I need a break from television.

5. Spartacus was far too cheesy for the likes of me. #1. Why are they all so clean and not cold while wearing nothing in the snow? #2. What's up with the blood being the only colour with texture in the whole of the art direction? #3. Does it ALWAYS have to be in slow motion? #4. Sex, sex, sex, sex, yawn. #5. Rome was 100x better.

6. When you're sick, your virtual life is way more boring than even your real life.

7. I could really use a donut. I know it's not good for me but every needs a break from soup.

8. I unwittingly read one of Penguin's Top 75 this weekend (A Year in the Merde), which means if I were to embark upon that challenge, I'd only have 60-odd books to go. Sigh. Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus with these reading challenges.

9. Sometimes, I wish I had a place to be anonymous, totally anonymous, and rant about things. Uncensored. Like Conan in his last week on NBC. I'd keep it classy, too. Maybe.

10. The days are very long when you're coughing like a freight train.


Jonita said...

Heehee. I love #9!! I'm always afraid to rant online, because you just never know who will read it. I've kept my blog safe, but it would be pretty fun (and therapeutic!) to have an anonymous counterpart!

Heather said...

Hope you're feeling better.

I looked at the list over at Penguin, and I think I have read 6 or 7 of them. you are far ahead of me.

Historia said...

Restructured onto the street - I hope you have not lost your job.
I would hate to lose access to free books.... LOL

Deanna McFadden said...

Oh no! Not my current job at all. This was way back -- before I started in publishing. It's just an example of how things go! :)