Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ragdoll Rambles #8549323

Things I want from my life at this very moment:

1. Potato chips and dip. Have neither.

2. An Ethan Hawke movie I haven't seen that doesn't suck. Will have to settle for Band of Brothers. A most excellent mini-series.

3. Documentation to make my application for a UK Ancestry Visa smooth as silk. Is next to impossible due to the fact that the very relatives I need the documents from are, unfortunately, deceased.

4. A book club.

5. A writing partner to do page-a-day challenges with. Swapping and all.

6. The end to my "cough due to cold" that's been nagging for two full weeks.

7. More money to donate to charity. Including: Haiti relief (my donation just wasn't enough) and money to save the Grace Hospital.

8. Someone to find this totally awesome EW article about THE fundamental hip hop songs to have in your library. I've looked online; it's nowhere to be found.

9. To be wittier. We had drinks with delightful friends to celebrate a birthday (not mine). Best quip of the evening: "Capital "F" failure -- it's all downhill from the "a"." Sigh. I wish I was that funny all the time.

10. I'm wrapping up my January Nonfiction reading with Raj Patel's excellent The Value of Nothing. Have already started my February is Black History Month reading with Invisible Man. A really good list of perfect BHM reading. Anyone have suggestions?


Heather said...

i can fax you a picture of the bag of doritos that I have. do you think it would get stuck in the machine, better empty the chips out first.

You're welcome at my bookclub any time. We're meeting next thursday evening in Waterloo.

Beth said...

I have some chips and dip, belong to a book club and recommend The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison. Care to join me? We can be witty (or non-witty) together. ;)

Historia said...

You are immigrating to the UK?
I am going to miss you when you go.

There is a rumour that the Ancestry visa will be phased out this year. Dont know if you will be able to still be approved on it.

I am pretty knowledgeable about immigration stuff for UK, if you need any help.

Historia said...

Oh and speaking of your disease, you may not be approved to immigrate, if your disease means that you MIGHT be a drain on the NHS (UK) health system. I would not get my hopes up if I were you.

I dont want to be negative but I am a realist. This is how things work in the world of immigrations.

Historia said...

basiclly the only documents you need to qualify for an ancestry visa is a birth certificate of ONE grandparent proving they were born in UK, and then their marriage cert, your parents full birth cert and their marriage cert and lastly your full birth cert.

everything else needed is related to your job skills and experience.