Sunday, December 12, 2010

Notes From A House Frau III

RRBB trying out his chair for the first time. He lasted about 10 minutes before getting fussy. My lesson for this week? Appreciating stillness. I have been sitting in this same position, feeding, trying to get SOMEONE to sleep longer than 25 minutes and NOT on me, since noon. A lot of thoughts go through your head, especially when you're by yourself, and there's something about stillness, sitting, in one place, for so long that lets your mind wander and wonder.

A couple of friends from work came over yesterday. They brought beautiful presents for the baby. And I got to pass along some of the stuff RRBB has outgrown (he's out of newborn sizes!) to one friend as she is due in January. It was good to see them, but it was even better to hear about work -- it's everyone's dream to have time off, paid (albeit the misery that is UI) from work -- because I never thought I would miss it as much as I do. It's not just the routine. The very get-up-and-go and the nature of having something to do each day where there are expectations on you to get there at a certain time and be a certain kind of productive. No, it's something I realized about myself over the last little while. I am at a place in my career, and yes, I'm actually using that word now, where I truly, honestly and completely love my job. It's fast-paced, I have great colleagues, and I was doing really interesting work. Work that got me excited and thrilled to go in to the office each day.

But it's also a blessing to be able to stay home with the RRBB. It's a different, much harder kind of job, with no fixed schedule and little breathing time, even when you do sit for hours. In the last few, I've been resenting the disease a lot, and I think it goes hand-in-hand with my resenting the doctors (as excellent as they are) for all telling me, repeatedly, since the beginning of my pregnancy, that everything would be fine. Funnily enough, everything was so far from fine it's as if fine is the moon and I am the earth and there's no hope in hell of us ever colonizing it for human life. Does that even make sense? Probably not, I'm sleep deprived and therefore metaphorically challenged.

All I know is that from the very moment the disease was diagnosed, it started taking things away from me. Dance, my appearance, my sanity at times (the prednisone crazies), and even when it gives something back -- like our wonderful RRBB -- it takes so much just to get here. My energy, my good health (I was so HEALTHY when I got pregnant; the healthiest I'd been in 15 years!), and now it's still so angry that it's even taken away all of the stuff I was looking forward to about having a baby in the first place: birth (don't mock me; I wanted to experience it) because they didn't want the stress on my body so up comes the epidural and then the pre-eclampsia put the kibosh on a natural delivery; and now it won't even calm down long enough for me to feed the baby if I have to take stronger meds because all my levels are going in the wrong direction. It's hard not to anthropomorphize the disease. To turn it into something separate from me -- a Jeckyll to my Hyde (have I got them right?). The devil to my right-shouldered angel. Yet, the still teaches you things. It teaches you to reimagine all of this in a way that's necessary. They have me on a higher dose of prednisone right now and I'm hoping that'll kick-start the remission again. By Wednesday, I should know what they've all decided but I've decided somethings too.

1. I need to go back to restorative yoga.

2. I'm dying to get into a pool for a swim.

3. There are lots of people out there who love me and the RRBB a lot.

4. Blogging is a form of writing so it's okay if it's not the novel right now. I'm moving my fingers, forming sentences, and the rest will follow. I am willing to wade through the rejection. The book is worth it. It will eventually get published. I have to believe this, it was my one regret last year when I almost died the OTHER time, you remember, the whole appendix nightmare. All I kept thinking was: "I never published my book."

5. Every day RRBB gets older, bigger and more experienced. And so do we as parents. These are not small steps.

6. We made it through three weeks in the hospital and more than one near-death experience. And now, weeks later, that seems like a world ago. Time heals. It's cliched but true.

7. The stillness encourages patience. Patience is something that I could always use more of, and it's something that only comes when you least expect it.

8. Books are wonderful and necessary to my life. They are worth losing sleep over.

9. Television, not so much.

10. When you come to visit me, please, always bring food -- I can barely get dressed in the mornings I'm so exhausted. Having a meal, a snack, a drink, anything, means so much. I can't even tell you.

That's all from the House Frau today. No tears.

Oh, and the baby has started smiling. We've tried to catch it on the camera but he's like Snuffle-smile-agus, every time he does it the camera's either just missed it or he won't do it again. Sneaky RRBB.


Anonymous said...

D- He is SOOOO gorgeous !! Time it will take. Frustrations and lack of sleep will make it all worth while in time, I know it sucks, but after having three beautiful babies (two are now young adults, when the hell did THAT happen) I look back and sure it was a lot of work, frustrating at times, but they will accomplish so much that you will forget the trying times and focus on the times they made you cry a river of tears because you are just so damn proud of their accomplishments, instead of angonizing over what they did wrong.

I hope you get back to being "healthy" really soon, just enjoy him even if he isn't happy all of the time because, this time is the best, where you can cuddle, and think about the future and how proud he or even you will be to each other.

Cindy said...

Deanna he is absolutely adorable.

I can relate to him sleeping on you as my guy did that too and I have to say I know there was days I just wanted him to sleep in his chair and wouldn't then there was days I appreciated that bonding time.

I hope you get better soon and cherish all the time you have with this little guy because it goes so fast mine is already 7 going on 17.

Happy HOlidays

Emma said...

What a beautiful baby!! Enjoy your time with him and I look forward to all your updates as he grows. And getting more book updates from you is always a pleasure.