Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Revolutions 2011

We had a bit of rocky start to the New Year. RRBB fussed until about 4 AM so there was a lot of up and down last night. I haven't given the same kind of thought to my New Year's Revolutions as I normally do -- I honestly take the week between Christmas and New Year to reflect on my year and to read as much as possible. At least I'm still accomplishing the latter.

To review: New Year's Revolutions 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010

I did really well compared to last year: I kept the weight off, exercised regularly, even during pregnancy (swimming at lunches at work), spent a lot of time at the cottage, and even managed to get my book out into the world (it was rejected; but that's okay). Instead of the more philosophical goals I generally set out to accomplish, I am taking a slightly different stance this year.

1. Be Well
This means doing everything I can to fight the disease whether it's taking my meds, adjusting to the new course of treatment, taking restorative yoga, going for walks with the RRBB, or simply accepting the fact that I am very sick right now and the most important thing is to get better. I have too much to lose otherwise. But it also means being well in my mind. I have a lot of work to do still in terms of accepting everything that happened over the last few months: I still haven't forgiven myself for letting the disease get so out of control. I know technically it's not my fault but I could have been more aggressive in letting the doctors know exactly how I was feeling or being more persistent in terms of my own care. I was just so happy to be having the baby -- I got cocky.

2. Write
Any words, in any place, in sentences or just in thoughts. I just need to keep going. Between the disease and the RRBB, I have lost myself entirely. This wasn't something I was expecting with motherhood. The sea shift in terms of where my attention needs to be. There's nothing wrong with an old fashioned pencil and paper in a cafe. That's something I can do during the week with the RRBB. He does love his walks. Winter be damned.

3. Be a Better Friend
People were so very, very good to us during our tragedy. Old friends, new friends, it was amazing the outpouring of goodness. I need to find small ways to give that back -- to let everyone know how much I appreciated it, how special it made us feel.

4. Enjoy Our New Life
This one's easy. It's the simplest thing to do right now. Even when the RRBB is screaming and bawling at 330AM we still love him to bits. He'll work it out. Just seeing my RRHB laugh at him when he's turning purple lightens the stress of the situation. Now, if I could only get some more sleep.

5. Stop Worrying About Money
We aren't going to make very much of it. We are probably going to go into debt. I have to let it go and get through the year. I need my RRHB's support during this time. We need to be together here for the RRBB. Everything else will work itself out.

So, only five -- of course, the usual revolutions are in there -- watch less TV (which I have done in spades, I have barely seen the TV since the RRBB was born), read more (which I've been doing exceptionally well with), make better choices when it comes to the internet (the iPad makes this easy; no more internet coma), and use what we've got, consume less (this might be hard as we are, of course, wanting to do so much with the house this year).

What are your New Year's Revolutions?


Katie said...

D--I love your resolutions: simple, but central to everything. I kept it to two this year myself, and quite specific ones: get control of my piles (not a skin ailment, but little molehills of stuff I leave all around my home, packrat style) and stretch more often. In 8 days, I've cleaned one pile and stretched once. Doesn't augur greatness, but hey, it's a start...

Loving the posts about the baby... what does RRBB stand for anyhow? Inquiring minds want to know...


Deanna McFadden said...

Rock and roll baby, spawn of my rock and roll husband, whose new band has the awesome title of Detroit Time Machine. To make their official debut in 2011. :)