Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another Long List Of Things Not To Do

1. Wear brand-new shoes to a book launch. My pointe shoes from the last year of high school were less painful.

2. Thanks to all who offered up their music suggestions. I've made a list and am going to try out to see what's going to stick. I've already found one record that I am enjoying very much from listening to concerts on All Songs Considered: Nada Surf's Lucky. It's most excellent. This is obviously a GOOD point, not a BAD point.

3. Watch the same, truly lame, film I watched last night. I'm not going to blather on about all that was wrong with it, except to say that it's a movie with parts based in Ireland, with characters who are Irish, and were there no actual Irish actors available? Only American actors with really bad accents, and one Scottish guy who had the worst accent of them all. It's as if he didn't even try. Someone said, "grand" and I threw up a little in my mouth. But whatever. The script contained lines like the following:

Person A: Where are all the good men then?

Person B: With all the wrong women.

Fast forward to a scene where Person B meets a handsome, interesting fellow and the conversation goes as such:

Person B: Where have you been all my life (seriously?)

Person C: With all the wrong women.


4. Say goodbyes after having two glasses of wine and having no feeling in their feet. You'll really, really wish you could remember what you said.

5. Wake up slightly tired and kind of hungover and watch far, far too much Tom Green TV. If I were, ahem, younger, I might even consider making a ridiculous video and trying to get his RV to come to our cottage. But I am too old for that stuff. Plus, my RRHB would mock me mercilessly. As would many other people I know.

6. Leave your hand-written edits on your desk for your slightly troubled cat to rip to shreds with her teeth. Having the m/s open on the desk also leaves room for her to barf up a hairball or two, and then get her cat litter everywhere. It's not pretty. She needs constant management. Ah, pets.

7. Forget one of your best friend's birthday for the, um, third year in a row. Luckily, I have written myself a giant note and pasted in on the monitor so I have to look at it everyday.

8. Have a sore throat and have no throat tea. Everyone (coworkers, RRHB) is sick around me, which means it's just a matter of time. I feel decidedly under the weather today, my throat is killing me and I'm not happy about it. Oh, and the farking TTC went on strike.

Perhaps it's not such a long list.

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Tim said...

Another music recommendation: if the Eno recommendation is too mellow, check out Luna. I've been listening to them all morning and cranking away. Start with the albums Bewitched and Penthouse.