Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Grief, What's Happened?

Yes, I KNOW.

It's been ages since I've put a word in edgewise in this space.

Yes, I KNOW.

I've gotten captivated by shiny new objects (iPad) and delightful 140-character bursts.

Yes, I KNOW.

Here's the good news. My life has actually calmed down. I've only got one job to do at work now, with a fancy new title (just call me Ms. Associate Director, Digital Product Development), and that means I can actually leave on time and be home in time to do some blogging.

Here's the bad news. The weather's been too nice to spend it inside blogging.

And the even worse news. We're spending just about every weekend up at the cottage so I can't even get caught up there.

But here's some other good news: I've been reading like crazy. I've probably finished about 10 books since I posted about the newest Larsson (including the first Larsson, which I hadn't read yet) and then some.

So, when I have a moment, and I promise, I will have a moment. I'll get back on the wagon.

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