Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Am I On Happy Street?

Okay, so the streetcar that I happened upon to carry me home from work tonight contained the happiest TTC driver I have ever encountered in my life. Here are the signs by which I was able to discern this:

1. He sang the street names like thus: "Spaaa-dinna, oh, Spaaadinnaa."

2. He stopped the streetcar at a green light, held up all the traffic behind him, so he could help a blind woman out of the streetcar, across the street and safely to the other side of the intersection. It was rush hour people. Magically, no one honked.

3. He laughed about the annoying World Cup Wonkheads honking and hooting and generally making a menace of themselves and announced, "Aw, here we go!" like driving down Dundas was an adventure we were all going to partake in.

4. He said please, thank you and you're welcome to everyone.

5. He happily flirted with cute girls as they stepped on and off the trolley car.

Honestly. Next to the Asian kid in the $5000.00 suit who said on his cell phone that he's looking for a career in "idea consulting," it's the strangest outdoor experience I've had this month.

1 comment:

Zesty said...

uh....idea consulting?

Here's an idea. Oh never mind.