Saturday, August 05, 2006

Keep Feeling Procrastination

I should be packing. I should be pulling the weeds out of our massively overgrown vegetable garden. I should be reading or working on my pages or starting my two new books or redeeming my iTunes gift certificate Zesty gave me for my birthday.

What am I doing instead? Reading spoilers for Gilmore Girls next season, catching up on bad celebrity gossip and reading way, way too much into my horoscope for this month.

And yet, I feel so guilty for doing, well nothing, even though we've been so bloody busy so far this summer and haven't really stopped to well, even grocery shop (which, when I told my RRMIL [rock and roll mother-in-law] that we hadn't bought groceries in close to a month, she gasped, audibly), that I should be catching up on something—and yet I can't pull myself out of this chair to even wash my face or brush my teeth.

Now aren't you embarrassed for me?


Anonymous said...

Nope, not embarrassed at all....I find myself doing the same thing. Quite regularly!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your exciting word count!

if it helps, I am spending my summer "working on my dissertation," which is turning into reading spoliers for all my shows, catching up on bad celebrity gossip, and watching probably too much tv. I have decided to just be happy with the work I am doing, and enjoy my tv gossipy fun stuff!