Thursday, August 31, 2006

TRH Movie - Paul Schneider = Hot. Always.

Last year, I went to go see Elizabethtown, which is an entirely mediocre movie, as I've said in these very pages. I've been rewatching it tonight in bits and pieces. But you know even if the movie is a total mess and the script kind of mundane, there's a bare twinkle of a heart there. It's faint goodness, like an almost half-dead star, comes from Paul Schneider, whom I adore. ADORE. Like want to run him up here to Canada and give him a big arty hug.

Because when he says, "This loss with be greeted with a hurricane of love." I've spent every minute since replaying that line in my head, so much so that it's all over my thoughts for the (I'm hesitating) "novel" I'm working on right now. It's about death, for sure, but it's also about mothers who should have never had kids, about a time where it was very rough, and about how the place defines you.

Annwaayyy. Elizabethtown was better the second time around, it became slightly more nuances, due, entirely to the main two male leads. But especially with Paul Schneider. Because damn, if he ain't the hottest thing in the movie, well, I might have to light fire to a giant freebird myself.

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