Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You Want Me To Do What?

I have caught the cold. I'm running a fever, have a sore throat, and my chest feels weighted down by lead balloons. What can you do? It was bound to happen. I've been hyper-lucky with colds this year (read: I haven't really had any) so I suppose I was due.

But, of course, it comes on the heels of other more pressing issues. I can tell you shuffling around the house in my pajamas is one of my favourite things to do. Shuffling around the house while having a cold in my pajamas, not so much. You can't enjoy anything when you have a cold: not TV, not a book, not the internet, nothing.

You really can't enjoy peeing in a jug for 24 hours when you have a cold. Yes, you read that right, I'm peeing in a jug. It's the most hated of all the clinical tests I have to do for my damn kidneys: the 24-hour urine test. While I understand that they need to see how much protein is being leaked from my poor, beleaguered organ, I absolutely hate this test. I mean, who wants a jug of their pee in their fridge for 24 hours? Who?

Wait, don't answer that.


Heather said...

Hope you feel better soon.

...not sure what to say about the pee thing...

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Sorry you caught the crud that's going around. I had it last week and it is not fun at all. Even without having to pee in a jug.

The Brown Blogger said...


I took a health screen for a volunteer position at a children's hospital a few weeks ago and was called in last week to do it again twice last week.

On my visit Sthis past Saturday, I was informed that my creanitine levels were too high and my specific gravity was way too low which indicated kidney filtration problems.

I'm freaking out now because I did the 'jug' thing and now I'm supposed to set up further testing to include biopsies on both.

Can you help me? Got some info to throw my way? What's next?

Anonymous said...

I did the pee in a jug test this summer (for cancer... it was negative). The best part was bringing this huge orange jug in a paper bag on a bus and subway, as I had to drop it off at the clinic. "Um, no you can sit here, THAT IS MY PEE IN A JUG."