Friday, February 02, 2007

A Bird In The Hand

Last night, despite feeling utterly under the weather, I headed out in the cold to my first Sweater class at Knitomatic. I arrived, of course, without needles, but luckily there were some in the store I could use and, after I did my gauge swatch, it was a good thing I hadn't bought needles because I work tight so I needed to go up a size anyway.

We're knitting a raglan sweater in the round, which I've never done before, so I'm excited about it. I've got this rich grey wool with lovely white strands through it that looks very old fashioned. I think it'll make a grand sweater.

The owner of the store has a lovebird named Pluto. He's really sweet and affectionate and took quite a liking to me. At one point, he was perching on his owner's water glass, after dropping himself in more than once for a quick drink, he looked and chirped at me until I paid attention to him. I held out my hand so he could jump on. Then, he hopped up to my shoulder and trilled in my ear as I chatted with him.

And then he pooped on my new coat.


It's good luck, isn't it? When a bird poops on you?

Anyway, I'm taking it as a sign that my sweater will turn out brilliantly.


Beth said...

Maybe it's good luck when a bird poops on you - my sister didn't think so when some landed on her face while she was sunbathing.
I admire the fact you knit. The last time I knit anything was in Brownies for my knitting badge. (Must have been a traumatic experience.)
Good luck with the sweater!

Gallis said...

LOL! It's totally good luck dude.

Heather said...