Thursday, November 20, 2008


A whole week has gone by and I haven't said a word. I haven't done much after work this week except do more work (freelance, freelance, freelance) and all I've been reading are Harlequin novels (which will add about 20 books to my end of year tally only I won't be reviewing them). We haven't gone to see any movies and last weekend dealt with a disaster at the cottage (broken pipes and way too much water). I visited some old friends (and caught up with their lives with loads of hugs). This weekend I'm going to see Twilight (of course I am!) even if I continue to refuse to read the book. My RRHB is off again on tour (just for four days). And we're celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Toronto Dance Theatre. In addition to more work on Saturday and Sunday, I think I'm going to try to do some holiday shopping to beat the rush. And finally finish Oryx and Crake. Mainly, though, I really just need a rest. Life seems to be passing me by these days at a breathtaking pace.


Melanie said...

Wow, you do sound busy!! Have fun at Twilight -- and good luck with your Christmas shopping...

Rachel said...

I am also going to twilight...for amusement purposes only.

it looks ridiculous.


but, oh well,

the books are TRASH, but teenie vampires are fun.

Zesty said...

HEH! I'm foregoing getting my 2007 taxes done in order to go see Twilight. I'm THAT much of a slave to cheese y'all.