Friday, June 09, 2006


I heart Scott Brown. He has invented a word that completely and utterly encapsulates why I see so many bad movies: fundbadness.

Funbadness brought me (and my dear friend Tara) to many a movie on opening weekend, including Dirty Dancing: (wait for it) Havana Nights. Cuba! I can't list on my fingers and toes the number of truly bad movies I've actually seen in the theatre—all by my own choice with no expectations they'll be any good.

Now what funbadness would that be?

And yes, I'm seeing an advance screening of The Devil Wears Prada next Wednesday. How jealous are you? It's no Nicolas Cage on fire while riding a hog, but it's something. Oh, and Scott Brown? I too marveled in the wondrous funbadness of Reign of Fire. It's Matthew McConaughey fighting dragons for heaven's sake, dragons! It's awesome.


Gallis said...
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Gallis said...

Thank tha lawd, someone else who GETS it! It IS the perfect term, the very reason why I'm now addicted to So You Think You Can Dance.

scarbie doll said...

Reign of Fire also made funbaddy by the luscious Christian Bale!

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