Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dennis Lehane - On Characters

I'm a little in love with Dennis Lehane after watching this video where he talks about his new book, The Given Day. It's always interesting to hear writers talk about their work but it's my favourite when they talk about their characters as just showing up in their imagination and walking onto the pages of whatever book they're working on at that particular moment.

It only happened to me once in the draft of the novel that I finished this past spring, but the character who did show up made quite the impression on my friend Randy in my writer's group. I think he had a little crush on her. And I hope he's not mad at me for saying so.


Melwyk said...

That's interesting; I just blogged with an author who said the same about her main character, and I thought that the character WAS very real and very fascinating. Must feel amazing to have that happen.

Anonymous said...

Long live Berry! Actually, if you read my next submission, you might find that Berry lives on ... in other people's work!

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