Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Still The Worst Time of My Life

I've been back in the hospital since Friday morning with complications from the surgery. Essentially, the necrotic (sp?) appendix has caused further complications, problems that most people don't have during such a routine operation. Because of the disease, my organ tissues are sensitive, and because the appendix stayed in my body for so long being so rotten, my bowels have simply stopped working.

Graphic, I know.

1. We came back into the hospital on Friday morning after I threw up on Thursday night and then again in the AM. My body was retaining so much water that my legs were three times their normal size and my scars were so swollen and bloated they were poking out of my legs.

2. Unlike the first hellish visit, we managed to see a doctor after about an hour. They put a tube up my nose and down into my stomach because while sitting on the bed, I "projectile vomited" (as the RRHB) said pure green bile. Seriously, it looked like grass.

3. The NG tube started to suck up everything left over in my stomach: essentially any and everything I hadn't already thrown up based on two days of eating "normally" out of the hospital.

4. They need to give my bowel a rest, which means no food or water. That's been since Friday. It's now Tuesday.

5. The doctors keep saying to be patient, that it'll rectify itself and get better but we're still here waiting for my bowels to work.

6. First it was 24-36 hours, then Tuesday at the latest and now they just don't know. More tests today, I guess.

7. The surgeon who came in this morning said that he's not surprised there are these complications. I asked him, "but I am going to get better, right?" Yes, was the definitive answer but I can't say that I am not terrified every single moment I am spending in this hospital.

8.They're desperately trying to avoid more surgery, which I can understand. I don't want more surgery. But I also wish that everything with my health wasn't so bloody complicated.

9. Lessons in it can always get worse, I suppose. And we're clinging to the positives. Piles of gas in my belly means pain but also that things are working, but not completely. Piles of antibiotics means that they are killing the infection but also my poor tummy. There will be a lot of restorative yoga and healthy eating when I get out of here.

10. Still a rotten way to spend a birthday if you ask me.


The Book Chick said...

Wow- you've certainly had more than your fair share of sickness lately. I am so sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital and that recovery is taking so darn long. I'll be thinking of you and sending "get well vibes" your way.

Literalicious said...

Oh Deanna! So sorry to hear things are rough. Sending you mega healing vibes, and let me know if you're ready for a new book to read! ;)

Anonymous said...

Deanna! Nadine alerted me to your hospital stay over the weekend and I've been sending you positive thoughts ever since. You're not far from my mind, take good care.

sassymonkey said...

Good grief. What is it with people I know having the worst experiences with their appendix?

Sending positive healing thoughts your way.

joemmama said...

You have been through the ringer...My thoughts are with you, hoping for a quick recovery. Hang in there, kiddo!

Kailana said...

That's horrible, Deanna! I hope you start to feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

My word Deanna, that's quite the spell! When you do get sick you really go all the way, I guess there's no fun in halves :) Really hope you get better soon and your recovery goes the same way your getting sick did - fast and all the way.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon. That is a rubbish way to spend your birthday, but on the flip side next year you'll be owed an awesome one.

Heather said...

Glad to hear that you're home. Guess all those good vibes being sent your way are working. Take care.

indigo herself said...

i called the hospital again and they said you were discharged. hope you are recovering well. if you ever want to hear it i know some quigong exercises for bowel. better late than never? ! thinking of you.

Marie said...

You are right...that's a lousy way to spend a birthday. I hope the next ten (or twenty or more) are better than you could ever imagine. ;)

I'm sending get well thoughts your way, Deanna. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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