Friday, July 28, 2006

Day 2 - NYC

There is no relief from the unrelenting heat in NYC. We drip the moment we step outside and smog-filled humidity has a hard time pumping oxygen into my scarred lungs.

Isn't amazing how so many people live in such a small place? We walked through the Lower East Side tenement museum today. The apartment looked so much like our own apartment in TO - the same walls, the same windows between the doors.

Then we took a cab to the MOMA because my work badge got us free admission. There's a fascinating DaDa exhibit going on at the moment. Then we walked around 5th Ave (we went in some stores - but only for the air conditioning.

We meet our friends for dinner at the Oyster bar in Grand Central station, something I had never done before - truly amazing even my $30 fish was a wee, wee bit dry, it was still awesome food and service.

But I think I need to come to NYC in the fall with some female friends and shop because I am missing all the shoes - my one birthday treat to myself (well that and Jackson).

And we missed the free exhibit at the NYPL, but I am hoping we can squeeze it in tomorrow before the wedding.

Walked past the Empire State and the flat iron buildings. And saw at least three Mies van der Roew (sp) chairs that I have been coveting for years in the MOMA. Aren't Clooney et al making an 0cean's 12?

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