Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Where everything seems to go wrong? I called Sears today to see about the whole brand-new washer that doesn't work issue—and they were rude and completely and utterly unhelpful. Quite possibly the worst customer service experience I've ever had. So not only do we have to pay to fix the lemon of a washer, we might not even be able to return now—even if it doesn't WORK.

Yesterday, I put some cranberry juice in a glass and carried it, with my dinner, into the TV room to watch Coronation Street. The bottom fell out of the glass. Cranberry juice all over the floor. Forty minutes later of mopping up, mopping down and wiping up, my feet were still sticky. And the reason for the cranberry juice? I'm pretty sure I have a UTI from either the meds or the disease, but that will be confirmed today by the super-fancy disease doctor (I hope).

Today, I found out that a package I was sending to the US via FedEx couldn't go because I needed to fill out different paperwork. That package? Has now disappeared into the ether—no one knows where it is. Apparently, a driver picked it up and brought it to Customer Service. Which is where? Well, that's anyone's guess. I've been on the phone all morning with FedEx and Kinkos, where I dropped it off, and no one can find it.

And today I have to go see the super-fancy disease doctor, I'm hoping all of the crappy-ass crazy things that are happening don't translate to my visit with him because it could take hours anyway as he'll be so behind by the time I get there at 4 PM.

What do you guys to do cheer yourself up when the entire day seems to be working against you?

EDITED TO ADD: I just checked my bank statement and noticed that I've got a whopping $0.44 to my name until payday? How did that get so out of control on top of everything else?

EDITED TO ADD TO ADD: That I've just found out that my RRHB has to work on the eve of my birthday. So instead of working during the day, he's got to work at night, which means no birthday dinner for me.

Now, I'm just trying not to cry because it's been kind of an annoying day and I can't even see the humour in it. Oh wait.

No, still not funny.




EDITED TO ADD TO ADD TO ADD: That my own personal suffering and utter sense of being totally self-involved today does nothing to downplay how serious and troubling the events are in the Middle East.

Okay, I'm now going to end the longest blog post ever and stop feeling sorry for myself.


.H said...

Oh dear.

How does a bottom FALL out of a glass?

Good luck at the doctor's -- I'm sure your luck will change. You're well over the rule of threes quota.

crabbykate said...

Well, the other day I started my day with washing my face with conditioner instead of cleanser, so if you have any ideas on how to restart a day like that please let me know.

Jenn said...

I was so frustrated on your behalf after reading your washing machine story....I even went so far as to mention it to my husband in the car this morning. He's an electrician and he said that F11 is a serial mechanical error, which if it's happening on your first try with the machine could be your electrical outlet, and not the washer. Apparently, with newer and more complicated appliances this can be an issue with older wiring. SO - not sure if this will help, but here are some (free!) suggestions:
1) if you have or can borrow an outlet tester, check the outlet
2) just to rule out that it isn't specifically that one outlet, you could move the washer to another outlet and plug it in, to see if the same error comes up.
3) check that the motor control unit was not put in wrong (wires should be facing left toward the motor control unit connectors)

Sorry for the LONG comment but I'd hate to see you get a repairman for the washer, and have it turn out to be a wiring problem that they can't fix anyway!

The sun will come out tomorrow....

Zesty said...


Turnstyle said...

big hug...

hip_ragdoll said...

Thanks everyone! The day turned out much better as I got good news from the super-fancy disease doctor.

And Jenn, thanks for the tips -- my RRHB tried everything your hubbie suggested and it's still broken. :<