Thursday, July 27, 2006

On The Road And In The City

We ate breakfast in Scranton. Can you believe it? I was this-close to my dream of eventually being on "The Office."

The giant map of NYC sucked us in and we got wicked lost. The best part? It didn't end up a full-on fight.

Our hotel is steps away from Ground Zero. We walked by and I can help but think of it as grave yard to some extent.

Then we spent 4 hours walking around. We had dinner at the mac & cheese place I read about on Tara's site (holler!

This city is amazing. It's sweltering. You sweat just by stepping one beat down the road.

I love that we drove though. I thought a lot about Kerouac and the long trips they made. Damn I love a good road trip. Last night we stayed in rub-down motel off hiway 81 - there was a bug in the bed.



Kailana said...

Yes, a chance to travel is why I wish I could graduate soon. I haven't been out of my province in... years... gah, it's been years! Yeah, I need a vacation.

Zesty said...

Hey, isn't that what loons eat?