Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shhhh, Sleeping Rock Stars

My RRHB was in Windsor and London the last two nights, and now he's asleep, along with their drummer Nathan Lawr (who is also a wonderful musician in his own right) who is crashed out on my couch.

Normally, if you had a regular house that wasn't being renovated, there would be other places for you to hang out, like downstairs. But because we're all crammed upstairs, I'm sort of trapped here on the computer waiting for them to wake up. And considering we're supposed to leave for the cottage in an hour, I'm getting desperate to jiggle the bed a little and step away from the celebrity gossip. There's only so much trash I can fill my mind up with before feeling slightly dirty myself.

I'm also pleased to say that two nights of really good sleep have brought me back to rights in terms of the past week. Last night I watched The Good Shepherd and barely made it through before crawling into bed at 10 PM. I also finished reading Claire Cameron's debut novel, The Line Painter, which is #34 for the year.

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Kerry said...

Man, you must be cool. Rockstars never come over to sleep at my house! I hope you enjoy your time up north. It's a lovely weekend for it.