Wednesday, May 02, 2007

There's Nothing Like Sunshine...

And a royalty cheque to brighten up your day.


This Friday I'm doing two really fun things:

1. I'm taking the day off so we can go see Spider-Man 3 in the afternoon on opening day (I've already bought the tickets. Ahem). I know, it's silly, I'm a grown lady, but I love the movies that much. And it's kind of a tradition for us to see them opening weekend.

2. But even more importantly, I'm going to a friend's classroom to read to the kids. A while back, they read my abridged Frankenstein, and sent me letters. According to them, I'm their favourite author, which makes me giggle because it's so cute. And I didn't even write the original...Mary Shelley did. Regardless, I'm going to take in Around the World in 80 Days to start them off on another abridged classic and keep them interested in reading in general. I'm really looking forward to my very first in-class appearance. How fun is that?

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Lizamo said...

You know what's so funny is I had no idea about you & the Classic Starts books but you can imagine how many I sold at Indigo (tons) and I bought one two weeks (Frankenstein, in fact) for Duncan to give his friend. I guess I'll forgive you for not mentionning my beauty spot today. As payment you can show me how to do a smokey eye.