Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Most of my being tired last week has completely to do with the fact that I absolutely stayed up way, way too late (like 2 AM most days) watching the first season of Friday Night Lights. There are many reasons why I like the show, not the least of which is the fact that the adult storylines are given as much, if not more, importance as those belonging to the teenagers. But I feel a list would be far more appropriate:

1. I know nothing about Texas or football. This does nothing to dissuade my obsession with the show. In fact, it's kind of irrelevant.

2. I'm old but I still remember what it's like to be a teenager. I think, anyway. And there's a lot of what Matt Saracen goes through, being somewhat parentless, dealing with a lot of adult situations, and the pressures of always trying to do the right thing, that I can absolutely relate to. This is no comment on my upbringing but rather what it's like to grow up without parents who can see to you on a day-to-day basis.

3. Riggins is hot. Like, really hot.

4. There's something about portraying the ins and outs of everyday people, granted they are in quite heightened situations (paralysis, murder, Swedish potheads, new babies, sexual assault), in the style the show is shot (a lot of hand-held cameras) that seems to work.

5. It's compelling. See #3.

6. There are enough characters to keep it interesting but not too many that you start not caring. It would be good if they didn't drop storylines as often as they seem to do, see Matt's grandmother's caretaker, but I know it's hard to tie up all the threads so people keep watching.

7. Television on DVD is dangerous, primarily because for obsessive-compulsive people like myself, it's almost impossible to stop after just one episode. I mean, I can barely stop after five, six, seven and it's 2 AM and I'm thinking, "hell, just one more, I'm already tired, what's the big deal?" Note to self: I own the DVDs, so I can go back to it at any time. I don't need to suck it all up real quick and then get a version of TV brain freeze. However, it does give you quite an appreciation for quality storytelling if it can stand such vigorous viewing. In a way, that's how I know the writing for the show is really good -- it builds over time, but it also sustains like a film.

8. I actually cheered when the season finale happened. State champs! Yeah.

9. There are bits that deserve to be rewound. See #3.

10. I've been missing that one TV show that really hooked me ever since Gilmore Girls ended. Now FNL is only in its second season, and it's not really slumping (but the whole Landry-murder plot really needs to wrap up; I know they want a key drama, like Jason's accident, to tie the whole season together, but really, it's not it), if anything, I think I should have waiting to start watching until S2 is on DVD too, and that way I wouldn't be reading spoilers and obsessively searching the internet for the next-weeks that the damned Canadian broadcaster refuses to air. Sigh.

10.5. See #3.


munro said...

So how do you really feel about Tim Riggins?

(and I have never thought of it but yes, FNL is a decent replacement for the Gilmore Girls. Nicely put.)

Anonymous said...

I'm envious of your newfound discovery of FNL. To be able to sit and watch episode after episode of Coach and Mrs. Coach, Riggins and Matt from one perfect season of tv…ahh heaven.

Also, Riggins is hot.

Kim (Long time luker, first time poster)