Saturday, February 16, 2008

At This Very Moment

My RRHB and his cousin are creating the plumbing in what will become our downstairs bathroom. The house smells like propane from a blowtorch. The sound of work boots stomping up and down the stairs is thrilling. And this week maybe we'll pick out the toilet and sink. RRHB seems to laugh at me when I get excited about things like drywall being on the walls, but the closer we get to using all of our house, the less I feel like taking said blowtorch to it entirely.


indigo herself said...

yes, i can relate. i am beginning to wonder if we will ever be finished?! i have gotten to the point where i don't even discuss dates because that involves hope and then if we aren't done by then, i just feel bad. maybe this will be a bookmark, something to come back to when we are finally done and it seems like it has always been...i can remind myself that at one time i didn't think it was possible. and i can see that i was wrong and it is lovely and possible.

Zesty said...

"that involves hope..." LMAO.

I'll be happy if we get some paint on the walls this year. Heh!