Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Interview With Beth Lisick

Is up on MSN today here. And if you don't feel like clicking through, my favourite question and answer:
DM: What are you working on now? And are you still taking banana jobs?

BL: Still taking banana jobs. I always feel the need to state that I really love my banana suit. I definitely don't do it because it's the only job out there. And my friend Tara and I are working on a stage show called "Getting In On The Ground Floor and Staying There." The title is in reference to the fact that we have been collaborating on comedy shows and films for the past 10 years, but have never "taken it to the next level." Or any level, really. There were a few meetings with some Hollywood people where we were promised things. We'll address those meetings in full detail in the show, as well as talk about things that make us laugh. Like the image of a bunch of helium balloons in a gazebo or those posters where a wet muscular man is holding a tiny newborn baby.

Creativity, in general, never ceases to amaze me.

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sassymonkey said...

I have to say, her book is just about the only headless woman book that doesn't make me cringe. ;)