Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Post-Weekend Wordsmith Challenge

Clicking around, I found this challenge over at Words from a Wordsmith. Gosh, I love a good six-word memoir. Here's the one I came up with earlier in the summer:

"Girl almost dies tragically at nineteen."


Bonnie Jacobs said...

At Weekend Wordsmith we are never "Post-" but always current. I discovered you linked here:

So I dropped by and discovered you have written a six-word memoir. Hurray! May I add yours to our Weekend Wordsmith list?

I'm signing up to get email follow-up comments if you answer me here, so just let me know. Now I'm off to read more on your blog. I'm happy to have found you ... and to discover you are an environmentalist! Here's my "green" blog:

And you're a reader ... and part of a challenge:

I can see I'll be back, reading what you write. Thanks.

ragdoll said...

It was only "Post-" because it wasn't on the weekend anymore.

Sure, feel free to post up on your site!