Thursday, February 28, 2008

Canada Reads 2008

I managed to remember to listen to Canada Reads this afternoon (thank goodness for time shifting, oh yeah!), and enjoyed the discussion. Especially considering that I really wasn't interested in any of the choices this year, I'm glad that the panelists are doing such an amazing job of pulling apart the books and making them relevant. So far, my vote's still with Icefields, and it's still alive...but I have a feeling Not Wanted on the Voyage will come out on top.

My favourite part of today's discussion? Dave Bidini and Lisa Moore going head to head (as much as possible) about the nature of why people read. Moore says it's to grow; Bidini says it's to have fun. My point? Does it have to be one or the other? I read to be inspired (like today, when I read this quote from Kundera: "She was too much at one with her body; that is why she always felt such anxiety about it.") but I'm also not embarrassed to admit that I absolutely pick up chicklit for one reason, and that's escapism.


Alias Grace said...

I'm really enjoying the commentary from bloggers Steven Beattie and Alex Good too:

ragdoll said...

It's totally excellent. I got caught up on the few days of discussion I'd missed.