Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free Time

My brain actually physically hurts from work today. I'm uploading the majority of the content for the new corporate website and it's a little overwhelming. So, for today, a list:

1. I ran into a casual friend on the subway this morning who told me that she'd given up writing for now. My face might have betrayed me ever-so-slightly because I think I was kind of shocked. I've never honestly thought of giving up writing completely and I don't honestly know if I could. So far, my writing hasn't made me millions but I'm not convinced I'm toiling away in obscurity either. I've finished the first draft of one (as yet) unpublished novel, eight or so abridged classics, published some poems, make a fairly decent freelance living so all is not dire. Yet. But writing is such a part of my daily life that I don't know if I could ever just say, "that's it, I'm done." What say you other writers out there?

2. Yawn. Am so tired of the post-blog natterers out there. See above: is a measurable sense of success really the value people put on this product now? Does everything anyone does need to end up with either acclaim or riches for it to be a worthwhile investment of someone's time?

3. Fringe. When our Faux-Vo exploded last week while we were on vacation, this was the one show that I was truly upset that it didn't tape. And I can't quite figure out why. I mean the beginnings are super strong; they're sharp, intriguing and scary as fark. But the moment that the bad dialogue and the hair flipping starts I simply turn out. When Pacey said some of the doozys he was assigned this week I honestly rolled my eyes. Yet, I can't turn away.

4. Our cat has lost his voice. Ideas?

5. A new twist on the jump around my writing room dancing: jumping around the hardwood downstairs and racing from corner to corner like I'm back in dance class. Awesome.

6. If you live in Winnipeg, go see my RRHB play tonight.

7. Tonight I have dubbed "Lipstick and Nachos." Oh yes. Oh yes I have.

8. Has Angelina Jolie reached that Tom Hanksian stage where she's too famous to disappear into her roles? I'm somewhat intrigued by Changling, only because I generally enjoy Clint Eastwood films (and count Unforgiven as one of my all-time fav pictures) but I'm not sure I'll be able to forget who she is and enjoy her performance anymore.

9. We watched a crapload of television last weekend. A) Because we had been travelling for what felt like days. B) Because the Faux-Vo was totally clogged up and needed some relief somewhat akin to my gently weeping, cold-infused head. C) Because we were somewhat hungover by our second wedding in two weeks (both were totally fun events BTW) and D) Because sometimes it's fun to eat chips, watch bad TV and complain about it. Some observations: Dexter pretty much sucks this year; Mad Men has finally come to show some signs of life, I loved this week's episode; True Blood still isn't doing anything for me (hot vampire sex aside); and I kind of like where Entourage is headed, maybe something will finally change?

9.5. Okay, I know it's totally double-u-to-the-rong to ill-eagle-ly dump down pirated episodes of Friday Night Lights but I just. Can't. Help. It. Last week's episode made my teeth hurt it was so good. Coach. Oh, Coach. That's all I'm going to say.

10. With only one outstanding freelance assignment, it seems I no longer have any excuse not to work on my novel. Wish me luck.


Words and Guitar said...

I've recently decided to put real effort into my writing. Mainly because it will nag me until I die if I don't.

How does one get freelance jobs? Think you might be able to help a brother out?

I'm newly jobless because of a medical condition, and my family's pulling me between getting state assistance and going back to work(TMI, I know). It'd be nice to make a few bucks in the meantime.

C.S. Perry said...

Writing a novel will suck the life out of you.
But, luckily, at least it has some place to go, eh?

Words and Guitar said...

Jeez, how rude of me to ask for help with work.

Sorry about that. Long day.

To more completely reply to your question:I've tried to quit. I can never stay away long before I get all ansty and I have to write something.

Zesty said...

Re: the cat...

Lolly gets this sometimes. He may have your cold [I'm serious!] or the dryer air with winter may be doing it. Would recommend a humidifier.

ragdoll said...

Words: I don't have a lot of advice really -- for me it's always been through making connections. People who know people, asking for introductions, friends of friends.

I've never been remotely good at "pitching" but that's also a way. Interning, taking writing courses, offering up your services for free at first, these are all methods that have worked for other people too.

If I have any advice, it's figuring out what kind of writing you'd like to freelance, and then starting from there. Loads of books and websites offer help -- the only thing I wouldn't do is pay anyone any money to help you -- generally it works the other way around.

Hope that helps!

Carrie said...

I agree re writing. How to stop??? It's hard work, quiet work, frustrating work, and it's like breathing, or the heart beating.
Proof of worth is so much more than financial gain.