Thursday, January 29, 2009

#11 - Got You Back

Jane Fallon's latest novel, Got You Back, retreads familiar territory -- the novel starts off, like Getting Rid of Matthew, with a cheating spouse (him) and the two women who are left to deal with his emotional wreckage. But even if the situation feels similar, the new novel is wholly different than her first book, the characters are fresh and new, and she never lets her writing fall down or stumble into the well-trodden clich├ęs of the Sophie Kinsellas of the chick lit world.

Stephanie's husband of the last ten years, James, is leading a double life. He spends half his time in rural England tending to his veterinary practice -- and living with his mistress, Katie. He's got the best of both worlds: savvy, stylish Steph at home and comfy, cozy Katie while he's away. The trouble for James begins when Steph and Katie discover one another (and the fact that he's been lying to both of them) and they vow to get revenge. And let me just say: poor James. But also let me say that the book doesn't go or end up the way you'd think that it would. All of the characters grow and change and none in expected ways. Fallon's prose is light and frothy but she has such a knack for keeping the reader engaged. Also, her dialogue sparkles right off the page -- I know, it's a little cheesy, but it's true. Got You Back is a like a vacation -- warm, sunny, and always entertaining, and I'd highly recommend it for that one weekend you really wish you could just get away.

READING CHALLENGES: Fallon's British and the novel takes place in London and even though it's not the kind of book that I'd usually pick for Around the World in 52 Books, I'm counting it for now. Don't judge me.


Jonita said...

I'm excited to read this one and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. That's a good indication that I will!

Marci said...

I liked it as well, just finished it, gonna blog it in a bit.