Saturday, January 10, 2009

TRH Updates - The Sickness

It's been a hard week, I'm not going to lie. In a way I had worked myself up for it, knew that by taking the prednisone for a month this past December, and by how I was feeling that the disease was flaring. Finding myself again at the crossroads: my body working against me and me working hard to change my life only results in more disease activity. Sometimes, it just gets you down. There's a lot of protein in my urine and my creatinine is sneaking up again -- key markers in terms of the Wegener's being active in my body. It's nothing dramatic, it's just me being back on medicine.

At least this time the Super-Fancy disease doctor asked me what treatment I would prefer. I rallied hard against the methotrexate. I really don't like giving myself and injection once a week. But maybe that's just because my RRHB and I have been watching way too much Intervention (holy crap is that show addictive; how ironic). Plus, I can't gain back all the weight I'm trying so hard to lose. I managed a month on prednisone with really no change and I can't go back to marshmallow ragdoll on methotrexate. Kindly, SFDD agreed to let me go back on imuran. Baring any dramatic episodes like the last time, let's hope my body responds well and my bloodwork starts coming back with some improvements.

I have to say, though, that after months of feeling awful, of catching everything that wandered by, of battling just to get out of bed in the morning, that I've starting fresh in the New Year with better eating habits (no sugar [we'll see how long that lasts] this week; no dairy next week) and walking both ways to the subway in the morning. You know, I'm actually feeling better. I had energy all week and only one bad day (due to mucho stress at work) where I crashed the moment I got home. Overall, I've been reading more, sleeping fine (yes, chemically induced but without it the prednisone crazies will come up and bite me on the ass), and getting a lot of stuff done on a day to day basis. My horoscope is on my side, that's got to mean something, right?

Now the goal becomes squeezing in some writing.

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Sandra said...

I so empathize about the meds and health problems. I got off the predisone because of terrible side effects but still use imuran and a load of other stuff for a kidney transplant, sleeping problems etc. I bet you get real tired of tests and appointments too. Let's hope things pick up even more from here. I'm thinking about you.