Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday Evening Ramblings

It's back to work tomorrow. After over a week off, and a good time to decompress, I'm still not sure if I'm 100% in the mind set. Most of today was spent fiddling about with my to do list -- remincient of the last time I spent an extended period of time at home -- and trying to finish as many as humanly possible before starting to make dinner. Some things:

1. I tend to write the same item in different ways forgetting that I've listed it already, hence three or four entries relating to budget, charity payments and/or swapping out our new chequing account information.

2. Can you learn French simply by listening to Edith Piaf?

3. For two of my items I will need to pull out a needle and thread. Um, yeah, like that's going to happen...

4. Is it pathetic to have "read the paper" on your to do list so you don't forget and leave it sitting for two weeks before cutting out the crossword and then tossing the whole thing in the recycling bin?

5. I have grown quite attached to GOOP. Huh. It's actually full of good recipes, solid lifestyle-type content and the newsletter's really easy to read. The name, however, still sucks.

6. My RRHB is now completely and totally obsessed with Gordon Ramsay.

7. I managed to put off ANY work whatsoever until this afternoon. The break was brilliant. But it just made me think of how much I could get accomplished if I stayed at home all the time.

8. Procrastination is also a wonderful tool. I didn't write a single word for my own work but my house sure is clean. No more excuses.

9. The Wire is still the best show television has ever produced.

10. In the end I had 102 items on my to do list and managed to cross off 61 -- that's not so bad. Now I need to rewrite it for tomorrow! Whee!


Words and Guitar said...

I love to do lists! :)

Jonita said...

After exactly two weeks and one day off, I wasn't sure that I was ready to go back to work either! I even had a nightmare about waking up too late to go to work last night, LOL. I hope that your first day back is productive! P.S. I'm am absolutely, completely, hopelessly addicted to anything Chef Ramsey. We watched a marathon of episodes of 'Kitchen Nightmares" on New Year's Day!

Katie said...

D--I love your blog. I also love your love of The Wire, which is also MY favorite tv show ever. (Do you want to read the entire scholarly article I wrote about Omar?)