Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Pros and Cons of New Year's Revolutions

I know. I'm only two days in and I'm already fed up with my New Year's Revolutions. Yet, I'm only two days in and feel the need to write a little so here's another list:

1. Bringing your lunch means less garbage for the environment (pro) but it also means doing dishes at work (con) with the gross-ass, nasty jclothes they've got piled up in the sink where rude-ass people leave their dirties for the cleaning lady to pick up. (con)

2. I have been walking up to Landsdowne in the mornings to get in an extra walk. Now, um, I've been trying to use natural deodorant. Let's just say that I caught myself today and went, "WHAT I HAVE B.O.?" (con)

3. Watching less TV means more time thinking (pro) and reading (pro) and writing of to do lists. Currently, I'm 1/3 of the way through the one for this week (Jan 5th). (con; only because I'm tired, really, really tired, stupid prednisone)

4. "I will be zen at work. I will be zen at work. I will be zen at work." (pro/con).

5. Bringing your lunch means not seeing your friends. I like my friends. I miss them. I am giving myself one day a week for an "out" lunch. This week it's Friday with Munro. (pro)

6. I see the Super-Fancy Disease Doctor tomorrow for a check up. No fear. (pro)

7. Post-holiday gift baskets piled high with chocolate and other yummies remain untouchable to me. (con)

8. Detoxing and not eating sugar makes me one crabby person. (con)

9. Music is good. And I've been listening to tonnes of it lately as I'm writing as I'm cleaning as I'm working. (pro)

10. Next week as I add in the no dairy clause to the cleanse, I am sure I will be a nightmare to deal with. (con)

How you all doing with your resolutions?


Jonita said...

New Year's Resolutions...so far, "meh!" I'm not doing great with mine yet, but I'm going to give myself time to ease into them....or so I say!

Kailana said...

I don't make any... so... Very well!

Marci said...

Resolutions....What resolutions!! LOL