Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Revolutions

In the past, I celebrated the coming of the new year by getting really drunk and dancing the night away, hopefully ending up in bed with some fellow I only half knew. Ah, the ever-present memory; the stench of my youth. Now that I'm such an old lady, the last thought on my mind was finding some excuse to go out last night. Instead, my RRHB and I stayed home and watched a marathon session of The Lord of the Rings—all three extended editions. The. Entire. Trilogy. In a row. We started at 8 PM last night and finished at 5 PM today (after sleeping in until 10 AM, of course). That's a perfect New Year's Eve to me now. How old am I? Sheesh, and just think it was only last year when then RRBF was playing with The Weakerthans opening up for The Tragically Hip at Copp's in the Hammer. Even now, that seems like a distant memory.

Last year, I had one revolution: to find a new job. Funny how it ended up finding me as today's the anniversary of the day I got fired by the Boss From Hell. And to think my bionic hip has carried me through a solid 365 days of walking on both legs with no cane and with no pain.

So much happens in a year that you forget what you hoped to accomplish. I guess my only goal for this upcoming year is to be healthy, to be able to live like a regular girl again. I don't think that's too much to ask of myself. If it's a revolution instead of a resolution, there just might be a chance I'll stick to it and will myself into good health by eating right and at least attempting to exercise.

"Tomorrow's another day," she says as she finishes off the last of the Christmas baked goods...


kathleen olmstead said...

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Happy New Year sweetie. Love and love and love.

Beaches said...

Heh - we watch all three Lord of the Rings movies too! On New Year's Day. Started at noon ended at 1:30 a.m. Was the perfect way to start the year (and celebrate my 6-year anniversary). Me, my boyf, my best friend and my pug, all snuggled up on the couch for 13 hours. Almost made me forget about my hangover from the night before... almost.

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