Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Revolutions

So last year, my one Revolution was to be healthy and live like a normal girl again. And old girl, but a normal one none the less, and I think I almost got there. After a shaky start with the ups and downs of the medicine for the disease, and another solid year away from the Boss From Hell (who I was dreaming about last night; it was a nightmare actually), I feel like I am gaining traction and steadily moving towards a calmer, simpler version of "Ragdoll." Call her version 3.50.

What's on deck for this year? Well, I've got to lose some weight. After a year off and on and off an on prednisone, and a full two years into my tragic hip's recovery, it's time to get serious about the weight I've gained. I know everyone has this goal but I'm going to try to make it a reality. I've got my health almost under control; it's time to stop being so lazy about it.

The other main revolution involves writing: I want to finish the first draft of this big story I've been working on; the one I'm workshopping at Humber (got my first note from my mentor yesterday; it was kind of scary!). In order to at least give this the old college try, I'm going to have to stop watching so much TV (noooo!) and cut down on the movies (nooooo!) but the writing time has to come from somewhere.

Lastly, I'm going to try not to complain so much. Those of you who know (and I hope love) me know that I complain a lot. A LOT. Perhaps more than any relatively healthy, happy and perfectly normal person should. It's just what I do and it's got to stop, maybe not all at once, but I'm certainly going to try to be more aware of it and approach everything with an open mind. Let's hope this one even makes it to January 2nd.

And finally, although this isn't my own personal revolution, it's more about my RRHB, as he stops working and embarks upon the giant and massive project that is the renovation of our house, I'm going to do less nagging and not worry so much about the money. He needs some time and space to both finish this project and to find out what he wants to do beyond the rock and roll, which may or may not happen this year, but it certainly needs to while he's still young enough to make the change.

How about you all out there? Any Revolutions on your fronts?

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Beth said...

Push yourself with the writing.
Give yourself lots of leeway re: the complaining. Vent/complain on the blog! You have to let it out somewhere...

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