Monday, August 11, 2008


I wish I could explain my melancholy mood these days. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with me, physically or mentally. If I had to wager a guess, I think it's because I miss the week or two that we usually spend up at the cottage full stop. The racing back and forth from weekend to weekday splits you in half, and it's not as if I don't appreciate the gift my grandparents gave me by hanging on to the cottage after all they went through, it's more that I feel out of myself when I don't spend enough time there.

You can never escape your childhood, I suppose. It lingers there in the back of your mind like a smoky room where cigarettes are now banned, hollowed out and aching in ways that make you wonder. There's also so very much going on right now: work, freelance, Classic Starts, reading challenges, writing, and it's all got to fit into one 24-hour day. The traffic jam of the modern everyday existence.

But behold, a little bit of a miracle in the backyard -- beans! Five delicious, crunchy, yummy yellow bush beans. We were out in the back where my RRHB was showing me our soon-to-be new front door (fabulous!) that he got today (to be installed tomorrow) and he said something about the beans needing stakes, that he didn't think they were growing well enough, and then he said, "Oh look, you've got beans!" Indeed, we did. We each ate one out in the garden and they were delicious. I pulled three more off, came upstairs, took their portraits, washed them off, and crunched them right before dinner. They made my day. I've been surviving on our cucumbers for snacks and now I'm glad I can add beans to the mix. But tell me, can I eat the purple ones too?

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Beth said...

Weekend only jaunts to the cottage can be tiring - especially with the awful traffic these days. If it's any comfort to you, my time spent at the cottage was time spent with lots and lots of rain! And bugs. Of course, that allows for a great deal of reading time but still...

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