Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nattering Nothings

All the freelance is done for now. My latest Classic Start doesn't need any further revisions (oh yeah baby!). I haven't heard back from Penguin about the sample chapter I wrote for them so I'm guessing I didn't get that job (which is totally okay). Got some good feedback from Harlequin about my latest blurbs. Things are slowing down at work-work. We babysat our nephew yesterday which was a ball (there's a fun picture on Facebook). My RRHB's over his cold (almost). I'm feeling puffy, tired and crabby about the meds (and the multiple doctors visits and now-starting neverending pokes and prods re: tests). I love the week between Christmas and New Year (our anniversary; lots of reading time; plenty of afternoon movies). The world is about to be dumped in piles of snow (white Christmas, yay!). Spent most of the day catching up on book blogs for work (have been so busy haven't read any in ages). Am working through a 3 AM to do list and already resenting the prednisone for mucking up my sleeping. Is it 5 PM yet? Am mulling over Reading Challenges and how to organize my sh*t for next year. Wish that I finished another draft of my own novel this year but have decided my two new years revolutions will be: "Don't live in fear" and "Finish what you start." Two of my bestest friends will be in Ontario over the holidays (one from Paris; the other Vancouver) and I'll get to see them both. What's new with you?

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The Book Chick said...

I love the week between Christmas and New Year's too. More time with my kids, more time to read, a little time to relax before we get back into the swing of things! I love your New Year's resolutions, too. Merry Christmas Deanna!

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