Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Adventures In Doctoring

Love arriving at the hospital an hour and a half before my regular scheduled appointment to get a chest x-ray only to find that the intern has filled the form out incorrectly, which means I've got to go bother poor Rose, the secretary, and get her to fix it, only to arrive back and discover that it'll be at least another hour before it's my turn, and then discover I've been semi-usurped by a seriously old woman with a lovely male nurse who are still in the change room when I poke my head in and say, "I've got an appointment at three," which means they whiz me through because the x-ray itself takes approximately 17 seconds, and by the time I finished, she hadn't even made it to the room, slooooowwww.

And I wasn't even late for the Super Fancy Disease Doctor.

Where I discover that my tests are excellent (yay! double yay!) even if my blood pressure's a bit high but that he's still got no idea why I'm so bloody tired I can barely make it up a flight of subway steps, is it the disease is it not the disease, maybe I'm eating all wrong or maybe it's just the weather pulling me down, down, down with every original flake that falls from the sky, and when they have no answers it just means you have to see them more often, so I'm back in a month for more bloodwork, more tests and a whole bunch of other non-fun health-related things.

I did manage to get home a little early and took a nice long walk to the streetcar stop.

But I'm so tired that I'm finding it absolutely impossible to even get one sentence down, completely unlike how I was on Sunday where I managed over 5,000 words (in a row!) before collapsing in front of the TV with a delicious vegetarian burrito and the teacher's words are still echoing in my mind, "it's those of you who work regularly that'll survive," the rest are just "tourists," and the last thing I want to be today is a tourist in my own writing life, no my own life.

And isn't American Idol on?

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Henna said...

I'm commenting not because I'm a know-it-all but because I'm hoping that any suggestion will be the one that can help you. I went through a bout of fatigue myself and it was because I wasn't drinking enough water. Apparently that happens to use more in the wintertime because we don't think we need to hydrate ourselves like we do in the summer (when we sweat). Are you drinking enough water?