Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another In A Long List Of Embarrassing Things

1. Having the hiccups in a crowded elevator.

More news that's list-worthy:

1a. rocks, literally, I've been listening to SXSW concerts all day long.

2. We went out for dinner last night with a couple friends. The restaurant looked like an old dive bar from the outside but the food was fabulous. One friend: "If you tell anyone about this place in your blog I will kill you." So, shhhhhh.

3. My RRHB bought Harp yesterday. It felt like the cottage. I miss the cottage.

4. The sunshine is not matching the temperature. And I switched coats this morning, which means I'm essentially going to be very cold as I walk home.

5. I started reading the book last night and wanted to rewrite it all from the first sentence. Crippling self-doubt makes a comeback.

6. Peanut butter and lettuce is an awesome combination. I don't care what anyone says. And it makes me think of my mom.

7. Still hiccuping.

8. Rebecca Miller is an amazing writer. Take this sentence for example: "Delia Shunt was 34. She had fine, dirty-blond hair and a strong, heavy ass which looked excellent in blue jeans." So it's no surprise that I am absolutely devouring her new novel, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, that we're publishing in the summer.

9. A pen broke open on my hands and arms this morning, which means I look blue.

10. Bubblegum will always put me in a good mood. Even if it's the cause of #1 and #7.

EDITED TO ADD: That I wish someone would describe my ass that way. Heh.

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McKelvie said...

sincere thanks for point out the SXSW concerts, for those of us in the far north where CBC radio1 is the only non-classic rock station, internet radio is a god send.
so thanks again.