Saturday, March 01, 2008

Evil Dead The Musical

Splatter zone indeed. Famous last words before Act II: "There's not enough blood."

The weather tried very hard to act as a deterrent. We waited for a half hour for a streetcar until we gave up and finally hailed a cab to cart our soggy butts to the Diesel playhouse. Shared a pint. Found our seats that were eerily reminiscent of the show in Havana where you sit at communal tables. That's where the similarities ended.

Lights down, the show began, great performances, hilarious moments, fantastic sets. The RRHB got splattered as he wished. And even though I've never seen a single Evil Dead movie, I enjoyed the camp, and the audience were so into the whole show as they shouted out the more famous lines and thoroughly enjoyed getting buckets of blood dumped upon them.

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b*babbler said...

Heh - glad you enjoyed it.

Mr Babbler works on the advertising, and I went to school with a cast member, so we've seen this many MANY times, and it still never fails to amuse.

Good escapist fun, particularly in the midst of this never-ending winter.