Friday, February 18, 2005

Sigh of Relief

I've spent my morning looking up shoes on the web. Now, I know there's real tragedy in the world, and I'm not always totally superficial, but this made me laugh. Note that The Boss From Hell at my place of former employment bought a brand-new pair of Uggs just a few months ago, and then proudly showed them off to her two lackeys like they were the bees knees.

Bless you, Manolo, for telling it like it is.

Now, I understand they're comfortable, or so says someone who knew someone very famous who also often wore said Ugg boots. I also understand that in this cold, cold Canadian climate, they sort of make sense. But for people like The Boss From Hell who are uber-concerned with appearing "trend" worthy, the Ugg-backlash is kind of rewarding in a nasty, awful way.

Thus endeth my mean-spirited post about my former Boss From Hell.

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