Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Best Movie of the Summer

We went out to the pub for dinner last night, ate our usuals, and then drove over to see Batman Begins. But first, we went to Home Depot and I bought some daises for the garden. The RRBF bought some "Husky" garbage bags because he has some time this week (fingers crossed) to continue with the basement. The state of the house brings me down so much, and I'm not sure if I'm at all capable of a long-term renovation, which seems almost moot considering we have little choice in the matter.

Annnyyywaaay. I loved Batman Begins. Christopher Nolan also directed Memento and the underrated, yet ultimately flawed, Insomnia. And his particular style of directing, taking a serious script and making a serious film, works extremely well for this movie. It's like taking all the best moments of Unbreakable and combining them with the best of Spiderman but without any of the cartoonish aspects of the latter film.

The movie takes its subject matter incredibly seriously and makes a smart action picture that is even paced and brilliantly subtle at the same time. The RRBF felt that Christian Bale did a really good job at portraying Bruce Wayne.

It's funny, I loved the Batman movies in high school, and remember one crazy summer that I spent with Jason Overy, Chris Rice, and Lesley Calvin. Names that won't necessarily mean anything except that we spent every waking moment together that summer, from my cottage to the suburbs of Toronto, the boys smoking, the girls drinking and watching bad summer movies. One of the nicest summers of my high school life before I fell in love with Chris and he didn't like me back, but we went out for a couple months and it ruined everything. Before Jason confessed his true feelings for Lesley and everything fell apart. I don't really speak to any of them now, those fleeting friendships that mean so much at the moment but drift apart like foam from a wave.

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