Thursday, August 04, 2005

The M1 to Belfast

We didn't end up going to see the show at the Abbey Theatre the other night. Instead, after I saw a number of posters up around town, decided to head over to The Gate Theatre and see if we could get tickets to Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge. They kindly informed us upon arrival that there were no tickets, but we could wait five minutes until seven and see if there were any cancellations. Luckily, at about two seconds to, we got two tickets. Little did Tina or I know, but it was opening night and the play starred Christopher Meloni from Oz and Law & Order: SVU. Needless to say, it's Arthur Miller, who has such a gift with words and bringing the life of the comman man into great introspection on the stage, and the play was marvellous.

We got up early the next morning, stopped by the tourist office because I had lost my copy of Lonely Plant: Ireland and had to buy another one. A quick bus ride later we were at the airport and picked up our car. On the road we stopped to see Knowth, one of Unesco's World Heritage Sites, which was amazing -- it had been standing since 3000AD.

Then we arrived in Belfast after a frustrating drive through the middle of the city. Walked around, saw some great buildings, had dinner and then a half-pint at White's pub, the city's oldest, in business since 1640.

This morning we walked past Queen's University Belfast, strange because I went to Queen's U in Kingston, and strolled through the absolutely beautiful Botanic Gardens...the weather's shit, but my spirits couldn't be higher!

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scarbie doll said...

YAY! Sounds like a blast! Soak it all up my friend!

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