Friday, October 05, 2007

Fall Book Guide

Eye's main feature this week is a Fall Book Guide. I imagine that kudos goes out to them for calling attention to so many small press books, and I always enjoy a cover story on Michael Winter. But I also kind of feel like a ninny for never having heard of many of these books (the Coupland and Hitchens obvious exceptions to the statement).

The one other book I have heard of, Carl Wilson's, just makes me want to roll my eyes. I know I'm not the target hipster demographic but, and no offense meant to Wilson's obvious writing talent, going from Pere Ubu to Celine Dion somewhat makes me feel like the book is more of a giant F U to everyone involved. Is it just me or are books that want to make a point this heavy-handed simply trying too hard?

But then again, having only ever written abridged classics for kids, I'm not one to put anyone else down for writing something they want or finishing a book at all. But really, one of the BIGGEST books for the season? All of the other books on the list, yes, I can see how they fit, but I do have to admit a giant yawn when I read the first blurb on the page.

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David said...

If you'd like to read the first two chapters of Carl's book, drop me a line:



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