Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Closing

We're heading up to the cottage for the very last time of the season. It's bittersweet. I always regret leaving because there's a part of me that feels like it's home up there, and it's hard for me to sometimes admit that so much time has passed.

That life moves so quickly.

That time can feel painfully long or painfully short, and still be exactly the same physical distance between one point to the next.

Things I did today:

1. Bought a pair of super-cute silver shoes for a work function. (I went,. I felt uncomfortable, but was excited to see our company win a prestigious award for some terribly hard work and some ridiculously creative thinking).

2. The reason why I'm still up has everything to do with Friday Night Lights. First off, why in heaven's name does Matt kiss every girl he comes into contact with, and then apologize. At least Saucy Caretaker got in the car before he could possibly do that mumbling thing he does. Aw. And my favourite line, "Don't you whisper-yell at me. Don't you whisper-yell at me."

3. I've been reading and loving Late Nights on Air. More to follow.

4. Vacation is bliss.

5. Why do people on television wear so much makeup in bed?

6. There's drywall on some parts of our new walls. Drywall makes everything better.

7. Smoking Aces is a very disturbing movie. Perhaps I should have picked something a little more light-hearted to watch in my final vacationing hours.

8. Wireless internet is fun.

9. I am sure that I might be the only viewer of Men in Trees that recognizes Jerome from North fo 60. He's kind of playing a version of the same character. But that's okay. The show just quoted Kierkegaard.

10. Riggins is still hot. Homeless, but hot.

10.5 I am trying to convince my RRHB to get back to the city in time to go and see Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.


Kerry said...

Oh how glad I am that you like it! All my own feelings thus underlined.

Melwyk said...

That IS Jerome from North of 60! I loved that show.

Kate S. said...

I didn't recognize Jerome from "North of 60" but now that you mention it I do remember him in his previous incarnation! I love "Men in Trees." At first I resented it for being a pale imitation of "Northern Exposure" but over time it won me over. Back-to-back with "Women's Murder Club" it makes for some fine Friday night viewing. Although with Jack away on the high seas, it might lose some of its zing...

Deanna McFadden said...

Good grief there are a lot of typos on that email. Serves me right for posting at 2 AM on a Friday.

I find Men in Trees frustrating. I do like it, and I'm still watching it, but they tend to pile on the cliches and roadblocks to romances way, way too much. The wedding episode made me want to pull my hair out.

And I have to admit that I honestly watch "Friday Night Lights" in real time when I'm home on Fridays if the RRHB isn't around. I can't say it enough -- it's the best show on television.

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