Thursday, April 03, 2008

Woe Is Me

My mind is all over editing these days. It's all I'm thinking about. Much to the detriment of, well, my life because:

1. I forgot my wallet at home this morning. Now I have to scrounge around in my purse for enough change to take the subway home. Walking all the way is not an option.

2. Said purse is a giant, girl-sized mess containing tea, loose tylenol tablets, a notebook, a hair elastic, another hairband thingy, bubblegum, tea, American money, a map of NYC, actual garbage, TTC transfers, and lip balm.

3. I keep bringing shoes to work and forgetting to take them home. Currently, the collection sits at 7 pairs.

4. We've booked our apartment in Paris but need to wire transfer money. How does that even work?

5. It's been a week of meetings which means I don't have my normal amount of headphone time. I miss it. No Radio 2, no NPR, no loud pop music.

6. There's a pile of work magazines on my desk that's almost a metre tall. I'm exaggerating, but still...

7. It's beautiful and sunny outside but a bit chilly. Therefore, a crucial button fell off my raincoat. I have cold boobs.

8. Tulips have sprung in my garden at home. Gardening is so not my thing but I sure love the tips of the little green buggers coming out.

9. Consolation is an excellent novel.

10. When will it be warm?


Anonymous said...

well I can help you with number #4. I rent apartments in Cannes twice a year (usually, when I am not birthing a human) for annual tv trade markets. You can get your bank to do that - your landlord in Paris should be able to give you the transfer info (including their bank info, and SWIFT info - the bank will explain). And then for a small fee they will transfer the $ for you.

Also? I just finished The Outcast and loved it as well. Just so you know.

Munro Cullen said...

you said boobs.

Anonymous said...

Paris! Loved Paris. Want to go back. Am very jealous.

Melwyk said...

I'm only up to 3 pairs of shoes forgotten at work!
Also, I am jealous of your Paris trip -- and I will now read Consolation, since you've recommended it twice.

Francesca Thomas said...

I read Consolation was an excellent novel. O thoroughly enjoyed it.

Boobs is a word my 5 year old son loves to say, he likes to touch as well, so I frequently have to stop his wandering hands. Just a warning if you ever do have any male children. LOL

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