Monday, October 03, 2005

Random Author Sightings...

Or perhaps not so random.

1. We went to Elizabeth Ruth's book launch last week. It was great fun. Does that count as a random author sighting? Perhaps not random, but certainly interesting to see someone so happy, glorious and celebrating the release of a wonderful, creative book. And my favourite part was hearing her say something along the lines, "The entire inspiration from the book came from one line in an article I read while researching." Now that's a testament to the creative process.

(Off topic - I had a similar experience lately when I was sitting at the deck at the cottage last, last weekend and a couple drove slowly up to our dock, looked around, waved and then floated away. I thought, "How neat would it be to write a thriller that started with a man floating up to a woman's dock at a cottage in Ontario." Pretty neat from my point of view. /Off topic).

2. After missing the Salman Rushdie reading because it was sold out, I was treated to the sight of him walking by in the hallway at work. He's very small. Not demure at all, just short, much shorter than I imagined he would ever be, being such a giant of the literary world. But still, how cool is that to see Salman Rushdie walk by in the hall outside the office you're camping out in? Totally cool.

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