Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oscar Watch 2006

Over the past week, I've made a rather pathetic attempt to try and watch some of the Oscar-nominated films before I head over to a friend's house on Sunday night for the gluttonous, but absolutely addictive, show.

I watched Pride and Prejudice after my super-fancy disease doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon. I resisted. Keira Knightley? Not my favourite. And Jane Austen and I have a rather precarious relationship (one too many failed attempts at acing Victorian literature classes during university). But I was won over, dammit, I was. It's a great little movie, perfect for a rainy afternoon when your blood goes missing.

Then our friend Kate came over and we had our Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner. I've given up sugar for Lent. I'm not Catholic, but I do like the ritual of Lent. Fingers crossed John Constantine doesn't come over and give me hell. Ahem, no pun intended.

Annnywaaay. We watched Walk the Line. And I resisted. Then resisted some more. I have a mythical relationship with Johnny Cash (read poem I and poem II). In my mind, the whole idea of a Hollywood biopic about his life could only end in disaster. I mean, Ali anyone? But on the whole, it's an entirely passable film. The performances are solid; both actors refuse to mimic Johnny and June Carter Cash. They approach the roles like they're maybe even a bit independent of the people that inspired them and that's why it works. There's a slight bit of surprise that the film's been nominated for so many awards, but of the current batch of crap-ass films that came out this year, I guess it holds up?

Oh, and I went to see Transamerica. Felicity Huffman is very good in a very mediocre film. She's got my vote (well my heart's vote; my pen's going with Witherspoon. I want to win the cash!).

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